I'm just a common person, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.

What do Sikhs believe in?

Over the last few days, a lot of my friends have expressed an interest in reading about the teachings that Sikhs follow. It is a difficult task to translate the spiritual poetic flight of the teachings in the Guru Granth Sahib. But these 5 articles do a great job at explaining the preamble to the Sikh faith: The Jap bani.

If you do not have too much time,  just read the first one.  A great attempt at encapsulating what can not be encapsulated:

Understanding Jap1

Understanding Jap2

Understanding Jap3

Understanding Jap4

Understanding Jap5

P.S. The brochure/card I started last week, giving a very high level description of Sikhs, will hopefully get completed by this Friday.