I'm just a common person, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.

The sikh answer to Terror is not fear or retaliation

UPDATE: There is a much more eloquent post by Sarabhpreet Singh on exactly the same topic: Read Here

I am going to make a prediction here and a bold one.

That you will:
1. Not see any Sikh cringe back from what they were doing before 5/08 Wisconsin
2. Not see any Sikh engage in violent revenge

This I can say because the 500 year Sikh history is full of examples of terror far greater than what Wade Michael Page attempted to do in Wisconsin.  (Case in point: Genocides abetted by the Afghan Invaders, British & Indian Governments. Even haveing a price on every sikh head at one time.)
And Sikhs have known only one way to react: “Chardi Kala”.

Here is what Sikhs will do next & it is a lesson for America: Love & Educate

Sikh’s will do, what American political leadership has failed to do with those who terrorize America, share unconditional love & educate fellow humans on what might be our differences.

Fear & Retaliation is what acts like these are meant to engender.

Instead you will see increased turnouts at the Local Gurdwaras.
More Sikhs will make the extra effort to make everyone feel comfortable. (Which should not be needed in the first place).
In the great tradition of loving even those who are hell bent on killing us, as set by Bhai Kanhiaya,  sikhs will reach out to anyone who wants to learn who they are & what they stand for.
We will redouble our Langars (free food kitchens) & bring them out of the walls of the Gurdwaras.
Sikhs will work with educators & school officials to incorporate a lesson on Sikhism (Sikhi) in the school books.
Sikhs will strive to build a world where everyone belongs everywhere.

Sikhs will do what it takes to not only make themselves safer, but wherever they are, a safer world for those around.

Traditional Sikh Saying: “Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, Tere Bhaney Sarbat ka Bhala”
(Nanak, the creator blesses us with continually ascending positive values; In the creator’s order may everyone be benefited.)



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