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Lean Marketing

Lean Marketing: An experiment with new technology platform/a new way of engaging with the customer, in search for an optimal middle ground where the business objectives and customer needs are satisfied.
– An iterative process. Neither the problem nor the solution are clearly articulated, but there is an eventual business objective.

Corporate Social Knowledge Management

With all the hullabaloo around Social media Marketing and its ROI. A facet of this paradigm shift in communication tools is being ignored. I am talking about microbloging tools for internal knowledge sharing, no not just twitter. In-fact not twitter at all. The paradigm of communication, where “whats on ur mind” or “what are u working on” or “what do…

Search 2.0 – Social Engines

The web has always been hailed as the great leveler, as it allows equal access to information. But information has greater relevance if available at the right place and the right time. Shortening this gap between information-need and answers is the goal of  search tools, which fall into the following categories: Search Engines: It all started with Archie Veronica and…