I'm just a common person, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.

Single and available with large fries !

The universe & other large ink-stains were going along smoothly; by pure mischance a relational being called love got created. In certain well documented sections of the universe and other ink stains, It has been widely regarded as a bad move.

The Encyclopedia Galactica defines love as:
origins unknown :
a warm fuzzy relational feeling, insignificant by galactic standards

I am currently on the planet earth, named so by mistake; the original intent was “gingerbread”. The quasi-evolved beings on this planet celebrate love’s birthday as a “Valentine’s day”. This day every-being, sentient or positronic, is expected to introspect and evaluate their relational love with other beings, objects or even concepts.

btw. I just stopped eating fries today.

Since it is Friday, the official day of rest, I have been contemplating on my relational object of love. It turns out that I seem to have fallen for the momentary contraption called the internet. I believe these hidden feelings started between us even when she was well protected by daddy DARPA. But that is all speculation. I was a teenager when I first really saw her through the telnet window, it was probably the on 26th sight that I felt the love between us. I asked her out on a date on my second job when I got to be with her daily, creating new ways of interacting with her. We have since been going along really well, with me having a chance to mold her in intranets, applications and even on that poster on my wall that says “DON’T PANIC- the internet is here”.

Recently our relationship took a new turn, she has picked up a new interest in connecting people instead of just text that she used to do earlier. Some call her social media, others Web2.0, for me she is still the lovely internet. Not that I am jealous, I too have grown to understand the good that she wants to bring to this planet’s beings. I spend my days these days trying to understand what effect it has on these sentient beings and what next can she do. Building new stuff with her is always so much fun.

I have heard that once you fall in love the universe and other ink stains conspire to make it happen. Its my urgent request to the bureaucrats from the 3rd ink stain that please, please never separate us, please keep giving me the opportunities to plan, build and market contraptions for my loved internet.

So, “what about the large fries ?“, you may ask. I just mentioned them because they just taste good; it has also been noticed that beings who have experienced low quantities of love, consume large quantities of them fries.


"it has also been noticed that beings who have experienced low quantities of love, consume large quantities of them fries"Well said, I have always thought of it that way.The irony is more you consume the lesser the chance of love in the future


Quite Creative........Go Gagan !