I'm just a common person, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.

Something for no reason ?

There is something wrong here! These MBA’s seem to have forgotten the very basics  of their capitalistic existence:

“never do anything without a reason, or better still without an adjusted NPV.”

This is exactly the kind of probabilistic anomaly what might fuel the Infinite improbability drive. Kelley MBA’s in a dance flash-mob ! ~ to add to the improbability the cool dude who joins them at 1:09 is the MBA chair roped in a few minutes before the mob.

Btw this is one of the sample conversations from last week trying to convince some recruits:

“Hey, we are trying to do a dance flash-mob at the b-school. Would you be interested ?”
“Sounds Cool. So what are we doing it for?”
“nothing, just fun; its just a flashmob !”
“hmm- there must be a reason for the flashmob ?”
“none. ”
“But there must be a one ?”
“Sorry, none.”…………….
…………….. after about 5 minutes … OK. I am in.

Those last words made me believe that we humans would really not end up as the Vogons. (I cant say about the finance majors though 😉 ooops !)  The best part of the mob was that most dancers were self taught via video: http://vimeo.com/9096337

Hoping for some more randomness soon !


It was nice to see such a dance in between the regular classes of MBA. Breaks monotony, produces synergy and over and above creates Harmony among the students from various parts of the world. good it must continue.

Molly B
Molly B

i'm so psyched that this happened in bloomington, and at the business school no less! i've never heard the term "flash mob" before. us stuffy modern dancers call it "site-specific". flash mob is way better.

Fred H Schlegel
Fred H Schlegel

Ha! This is something I never expected to see. And in the lobby of Kelly no less. Very fun.