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Author: Gagan

Epicurean hedonism and startup life

…Epicurus advocated living in such a way as to derive the greatest amount of pleasure possible during one’s lifetime, yet doing so moderately in order to avoid the suffering incurred by overindulgence in such pleasure. The emphasis was placed on pleasures of the mind rather than on physical pleasures. Therefore, according to Epicurus, with whom one eats is of greater importance than what is eaten…

Lean Marketing

Lean Marketing: An experiment with new technology platform/a new way of engaging with the customer, in search for an optimal middle ground where the business objectives and customer needs are satisfied.
– An iterative process. Neither the problem nor the solution are clearly articulated, but there is an eventual business objective.

You’ve Got Buzz !

This struck me yesterday when one of my slightly tech agnostic friend was telling me how she found that one of her long lost ex-boyfriend was now “following” her on “Gmail”, so she sent him an email and they have been catching up over email for the last two days ! I asked her if she knew that it was Buzz that had automatically connected them – she had no clue.

Single and available with large fries !

Since it is Friday, the official day of rest, I have been contemplating on my relational object of love. It turns out that I seem to have fallen for the momentary contraption called the internet. I believe these hidden feelings started between us even when she was well protected by daddy DARPA. But that is all speculation. I was a teenager when I first really saw her through the telnet window, it was probably the on 26th sight that I felt the love between us. I asked her out on a date on my second job when I got to be with her daily, creating new ways of interacting with her. We have been since been going along really well, with me having a chance to mold her in intranets, applications and even on that poster on my wall that says “DON’T PANIC- the internet is here”