I'm just a common person, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.


Gagan: a Chandigarh lad who got the lucky chance to go to IIT- Guwhati and study design.
Made his first few first bucks by designing watches for Maxima, went on to sculpt concept cars for GM and then finally settled for designing user experiences for web-applications at MindTree Ltd.

Four years passed and the powers that be decided the world needed another MBA and a good looking one at that. Gagan got teleport to the beautiful city of Bloomington, IN at the Kelley School of Business. Here he pursued the rocket science of marketing and the voodoo art of social media.

Now he lives and works in Palo Alto; mostly found roaming around on his bicycle. You can read more about his bay area exploits on his linkedIn page. (For all the interesting happy accidents that have taken place, though, you will have to wait till he writes his book. The book was going to be called ‘The man who lied to his Laptop’, but apparently someone else already used the name.)

Technically, his whole name is “Gaganpreet Singh Shah”. However, he feels equally loved when people call him “Gagan”. The perfect way of pronouncing it is ” Huggin with a G” . (Phonetic technique  invented by: Joey!)

Oh! lastly he hides his portfolio of work at: www.urbanturbanguy.com/work

Feel free to contact him on gmail @ urbanturbanguy.