I'm just a common person, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.

A Brief Introduction to: The Sikhs

The team at Punjabi Radio USA wanted to print small hand-cards that can be kept in the Taxi-cabs, Trucks, 7-11s & gas stations, especially the ones that are manned by Sikhs. The aim here is to help communicate the relevance of a Sikh Turban (Dastar) & alleviate any fear or animosity associated with it.

I am looking for any feedback you might have before these go into bulk printing.




P.S. the print size will roughly be around what you see here.

Please note before giving feedback, that the aim is not to educate someone on the intricate details of Sikhi, but just to make them a little comfortable with who we are. I had included the 5 Kakars (articles of faith) but then I removed them, based on discussions with people at #oakCreek vigils, because they need a deeper discussion.  (Do let me know if this hand-card crosses the line from familiarizing to proselytizing)

I am especially interested in your feedback if you are non-Sikh American. (Also I am the king of typos. Any & all corrections will be welcome.)

If you want the .tiff file to edit & make changes or print feel free to get the original files here & send your updates to me in the comments here or on twitter.


I am currently writing a paper about the Sikh religion for a class and knew nothing about the religion before beginning my research. I stumbled upon this website and this card and it has been a great intro into the religion. The facts on the card are informative yet brief enough to keep people's attention. The layout is clean and tasteful. The photographs make the card personable. Great work on educating the public!!! 


gagan u r doing a wonderful work.

go the way u want. u have the clarity and the true sence /purpose known to u.


"waheguru ji aapey ideas  deyendey neh."


ur proud father

and very proud to be sikh

gurjit singh ( India)

urbanturbanguy moderator

In the process of redesigning based on everyone's feedback here & on twitter.  Hope to have the new designs out by the end of this week.


Its a great idea and it looks perfect to me as a non-sikh. 

You may want to respell Shaib in Guru Granth Sahib as Sahib.



Siddharth ( A Kelley Student)



These cards are a great idea- especially including resources on the back for people to begin educating themselves further. I have a few picky corrections to note:

You repeated the word 'was' twice in the second sentence

'States' should be capitalized in United States (paragraph 1), and people often capitalize the phrase 'Ground Zero' (second column on the back)

In the paragraph on gurdwaras, you might want to capitalize 'sikh' in the first sentence, and begin by saying 'A gurdwara is...'


Best wishes on this project :)

Dhara Mistry
Dhara Mistry moderator

Reading this as a non-Sikh and it looks perfect to me. The essence of Sikhism and it's people have been very well captured.


Typo: Lowercase the "I" in "Basic commandments that SIkhs live by" 


P.S. ping me if you've any questions on Livefyre. Happy to help!

urbanturbanguy moderator

 @Amadaun6 Thanks for pointing out the typos. No matter how much I try, can not see my own Typos...but am a pro at pointing out typos other people's work! :)

urbanturbanguy moderator

 @Dhara Mistry Thanks Dhara. Will let you know if I find any issues with Livefyre. Looking pretty good for now!